Pro-rataa��d Health Insurance To Be Linked With Your Visa

Just recently, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced the launch of pro-rataa��d Medical Insurance plans for UAE residents. With Medical Insurance termsA�to be linked to visa renewals, this new move looks all set to make life a bit easier for expats. Herea��s all you need to know about this new spin on these plans:

What is a�?Pro-rataa��da�� Medical Insurance?

Pro-rataa��d Medical Insurance plans will help link your Medical Insurance policy term to your UAE residence visa tenure. These plans will be pro-rataa��d in a way that the coverage remains active till the end of your residence visa duration.

Why are these plans being introduced?

The UAE government launched a massive Medical Insurance overhaul three years ago, making Medical Insurance mandatory for all UAE residents. The launch of new pro-rataa��d plans is the next step in this direction, to help ensure that all residents are covered under a Medical Insurance plan, without exception.

How will these plans affect you and me?

With individual Medical Insurance plans now being pro-rataa��d to cover until the end of the visa tenure, you wona��t have to worry about setting reminders for two separate renewal dates.

Since residence visa tenures may vary from one year to three years, the new Medical Insurance packages will be offered for similar terms too. For example, while the residence visa of your dependent spouse and children is valid for two years (typically), the visa for your domestic helper (if you have one) has to be renewed annually.

To make things easier, the plans will be linked to visa tenures, inclusive of a 30-day grace period for renewal.

How can I pay for pro-rataa��d coverage?

Not only will Medical Insurance plans be pro-rataa��d, they will also be available with flexible payment options. So if you opt for a two-year cover plan (in line with your visa) for example, you wona��t have to pay the entire premium up front, but you can spread the cost and pay for the coverage in installments over a longer period.

Who will offer these plans?

At this time, there are 12 participating Insurers, who have confirmed they will offer pro-rataa��d Medical Insurance packages going forward.

When will prorated plans be available?

It is yet to be announced when the new pro-rataa��d plans will be available for purchase but expats can expect the Insurance companies to roll out pro-rataa��d packages in a few weeksa�� time.

Want more details? Let me know if you need a no obligation quote now, so I can add you to the list when this becomes available