Ten Things I Know About Millennials
1. Youa��ve grown up without a bull market. Millennials started coming of age just as the dot.com boom was about to blow up and stock markets embarked on the noughties roller-coaster ride of 9/11, global credit crises and the Eurozone debt crisis. You want a trusted, qualified and experienced Adviser to guide you through stormy financial waters. I can do that.
2. You want flexibility. According to Initiativea��s 2014 international report of 25-34 year olds, 72% had suffered significant setbacks following the global credit crisis and 36% had experienced a reduction in income. A hefty 69% had already significantly changed or were planning to change their career path. 63% claim they would save more if a Pension account allowed multiple withdrawals through their lifetime. I can do that.
3. You are anxious and risk averse. For many, simply being debt-free is a far greater and more pressing aspiration than investing to achieve outstanding growth. But you are wiser than your previous generation a�� you know you have to invest for your future. I can do that.
4. You like providers who tell them something new. Millennials trust a provider more when it offers them not just products but helpful, useful online content. That means content has to be concise (millennials are estimated to lose interest in 10 seconds). I cana��t help too much here but my Twitter feed and Blog always has interesting, up to date and relevant info, so sign up for free becausea��a��a��a��you can do that.
5. Established financial credentials dona��t matter to you. Millennials are less willing to assure loyalty to the brands and services they use. In one US study, fewer than half of affluent millennials (those with $100,000 in investable assets) saw themselves staying with their current financial services providers in the next few years but they did want the same Independent Financial Adviser to guide them. I can do that.
6. You badly underestimate what you will need for retirement. In one global survey, half of millennial respondents estimated they would need a pot of three to five times their final salary to fund a comfortable retirement a�� less than half the 10 times final salary widely considered sufficient. Ninety percent of UK millennials say they want providers to tell them the truth about their retirement prospects and not sugar-coat it. I can do that.
7. You seek validation from others before you take action. The internet and financial provider websites are a key source of information for 60% of millennials. But ita��s peer-to-peers reviews and a�?word-of-moutha�� comment on forums and chatrooms that truly drive their actions and choices. Check out my website, LinkedIn, etc. You can do that.
8. Social responsibility matters. Having grown up with Facebook, millennials say they would allocate 42% of their portfolio to a�?social financea�� products with a particularly strong interest in renewable energy, health, education and developing countries. Almost half (47%) say they would exclude Pension providers that dona��t allow them to avoid investments with a negative social impact. But almost all millennials (95%) feel they arena��t given the option to invest in a socially responsible way, suggesting that Advisers could have a core role to play in guiding them to the choices available. I can do that.
9. Price matters too. Your generation faces leaving university with an average A?44,000 (around $63,000) debt and property prices that are eight times your average starting wage. Millennials are willing to use tech to get the very best deal they can. The cost of financial services, therefore, needs to be explicit and finite. I can do that.
10. You dona��t want to mix finance with play. 73% of millennials want to be engaged on financial matters at the workplace, school or university. Conversely, only 49% want to get their financial education online. Millennials are a complex mix of anxiety and conservatism, blended with expectations of service innovation, flexibility and value for money. I am a serious Financial Adviser with over 30 yearsa�� service in this profession. I can do that!

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