FCA warns of increased risks of online investment fraud

The UKa��s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is urging investors to be alert to the growing threat of online fraud. Fraudsters are increasingly reaching would-be targets via social media channels, and are particularly targeting investments in binary options, contracts for difference (CFDs), forex (foreign currency exchange rates) and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The British regulator estimates that an average of A?87,410 is lost every day to binary options scams. Mark Steward, director of enforcement at the FCA, said: a�?As people have become more skeptical of investment-related cold calls and consumer habits have changed, we have seen investment fraud moving online and to social media. While their websites and profiles appear to be professional, they are all too often run by fraudsters who fix prices and pay-outs, or in some instances dona��t really place trades at all, before disappearing with innocent investorsa�� money.a�?

Before investing online, check you know who you are really dealing with and check if they are authorized by the FCA. Find out how to avoid scams on the ScamSmart website, and if in any doubt a�� dona��t invest online!

Greg Pogonowski recommends potential investors follow three basic steps to minimize the likelihood of falling victim to scams:

  1. Reject all unsolicited investment offers online, via social media or over the phone.
    2. Before investing, check to see if the firm or individual you are dealing with is authorised and check the FCA Warning List of firms to avoid. Especially check for Brokerage firms that have been banned in the UAE at some time by the FCA and avoid them.
    3. Obtain impartial advice from a QUALIFIED Independent Financial Adviser: Face-to-Facea��a��a��a��a��after all, would you trust your doctor/dentist to heal you online? Of course not, so why trust your money to a faceless individual/company? Remember, when everything goes right, no problems; but who do you call when all you have is an online website/email to deal with?


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