Huge Bills after family tragedy
Cash efforts after dada��s sudden death
Friends of an expat who died at the weekend are trying to raise funds to settle the huge medical bills his family was left with.

Paul Schofield, for the UK, collapsed after attending an event at the hotel in Dubai Media City on Friday night.
A Dubai police official said paramedics attended and he was rushed to the hospital but could not be revived. A forensic doctor confirmed he had heart attack, police said.

Schofield was a director of an HR and Recruitment consultancy and had been in the UAE since 200, but had no health insurance, a friend said.
A GoGetFunding account has been set up to help raise money for his wife Alma and young son. It had raised more than 70,000Dhs as of last night. The target was set at 110,000.

Dawn Jackson, who set up the page, wrote: a�?Our dear friend Paul Schofield suddenly and unexpectedly passed away this Saturday. a�?He left behind a beautiful family: his loving wife and young son. Having been self-employed, Paul did not have medical insurance and because of the emergency medical care he received, his wife now faces a large hospital bill.
a�?Also, during the next few months, while all the administrative matters are being settled, they would like to try and remain in Dubai.
Jackson said the remaining cash would be used to support the family and repatriate his body his body to the UK. She added: Our small group of friends would like to help her financially during this devastating timea�?. Friends paid tribute on his wifea��s public Facebook page. Dawn Craft wrote a�?My heart breaks for you both.a�? Maureen Potts added: a�?What a lovely caring mana�?

Whilst I have every sympathy with the family, I have no sympathy with this guy.
By not making proper and basic provisions, he has put his family in jeopardy.
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