Mission Statement

My Mission is to provide a fast and cost-efficient, personal service to help Clients solve financial problems, create and protect capital, and achieve their desired lifestyle.A� I firmly believe there is only one boss – the Client.A� He or she can fire me simply by taking their business and investing their money elsewhere.A� If Clients want face-to-face advice with someone they can trust, they should use Greg Pogonowski a�� a qualified and experienced Adviser.

My reputation is my brand.A� What sets me apart?A� Nothing major, but all of the hundreds of a�?little thingsa�? I do put together to make sure the a�?big thinga�? is the best prepared for my Clients.

Business success is not about luck, and my aim is to arrive as the best prepared Independent Financial Adviser for you.A� I always aim for the highest standard and never pander to the lowest common denominator.A� If I do not give everything, I have given nothing.