To drink coffee or not? When Financial Planning in Dubai, this Insurance Broker in Dubai says not a�� what do you think?




The most profitable New Year’s resolution I ever made…a��


If you ask people which New Year Resolution saved them the most money in the past, you get different answers, so herea��s mine…………


I used to be a bit of a coffee fiend until I gave up 20 years ago, but I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time and money in coffee shops. Every day, I’d treat myself to a lattA� at lunch or grab a quick pick-me-up before work.


My New Year’s resolution was to cut back on the cappuccinos and save some money in the process. When I started making my own coffee at home, I saved a whopping amount – around AED250 a month. It may only seem like a few Dirhams at the time, but it all adds up.


I decided to invest that AED250 per month, and now with a growth rate of only 10% per annum, 20 years on my a�?coffee investmenta�? is now worth just under AED170,000! So, say goodbye to Starbucks, Costa and the like; and say hello to a new car!