Crew deaths leave families short on funds.

Flydubai captain calls for donation help.

Families of the flydubai crew killed in the FZ981 crash in Russia are struggling to make ends meet, according to the pilot raising funds for them.
Captain Sacha Khamnei said in some cases the Dubai-based flight team were the a�?sole breadwinnersa�? and their relatives are having trouble keeping a�?bread and food on the tablea�?.
Flydubai has said families of the 55 passengers will receive $20,000 each to cover any immediate costs stemming from the loss of a relative, but has not publicly said what financial help the carrier will provide for crew families.
a�?I know everyone thinks that therea��s a huge amount of insurance being paid out, and there is some insurance, but it wona��t be paid out until a month so after the crash,a�? Khamnei told 7DAYS.
He has so far raised Dhs336,000 for families of the seven crew through a crowd-funding site but has appealed but hopes to raise Dhs500,000.
According to the Just Giving site, people from across the globe have donated, ranging from the Brazilian Pilots Union, to Qatar Airways crews, along with many from flydubai.
Khamnei continued: a�?A lot of the cabin crew, and the pilots, were the sole breadwinners for their families.
a�?This isna��t just a bit of extra cash, this is essential just to keep the bread and food on the table.a�?
Colleagues of crew killed in the crash, last month in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don have reached into their own pockets to support the bereaved family members.
He said: a�?I know the company made an initial pay-out, and gave a little initial cash injection, but there are families with loans, school-fees, all this cash is swallowed up instantly with arrears, so the more people can give the better as it really will make a difference.a�?
Flydubai said it supports Khamneia��s efforts and that it too has been supporting crew families since the March 19 crash.
A spokesperson for flydubai said: a�?It is an incredibly kind gesture demonstrating the closeness of the flydubai family.a�?
Asked about the payments released so far to the families of flydubai personnel, they added: a�?Out of respect for the families we will not discuss the details of the support we are giving to them.

Were you as disturbed as me to see in the local Press that some Flight Crew appear NOT to love their families?
Why didna��t they buy Life Insurance?
Why are they a special case having money collected for their families?
I understand why people want to give but my advice is NOT to allow YOUR family to rely on charity but actually do something for them.
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