“Working with Greg was a real pleasure. He always puts his clientsa�� interests first and will make sure he does the best job for you. Having 20+ years of experience in the Wealth Management field shows he is a person that you can trust when it comes to your finances. I can highly recommend Greg to anyone that is looking for a wealth manager.”A�

Elin Kilicarslan
IT experts

SME RebuildersA�

“I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible service that I have experienced dealing with you. You have been accessible at all times and have chased up the various companies to make the process as smooth as possible. I was equally impressed that even on your absence I was contacted by your PA and met with your driver to collect some outstanding paperwork. All in all a 1st class experience.”

Andrew Willson
Regional Manager
Prestige Asset Management
Dubai, UAEA�

“Since I came to Dubai I have been inudated with callsA�from all the normal suspectsA�asking me to invest money all over the world.A�I had met with several represenatives from various companies butA�no-one really seemedA�to listen to what my needs were. With Greg, heA�gave unbiased advice, actually listenedA�to what I was looking for then advised what wasA�the best option for me. Over the past several years Greg has been extremely helpful and has always been there if I have a question or need advice. He is one of few people that actually cares about his clientsa�� interests. Thank you Greg for all the hard work and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who isA�seeking financial advice”

Ian Stammers
Sales Director
ReThink MEA (Recruitment Consultants)
Dubai, UAE

“If you need financial advice, always look for someone who has experience, can explain in layman’s terms all the technical jargon and provides you with exactly what you need when you need it. Greg has been able to do all the above and even throws in some added bonus tips along the way. Friendly, helpful, approachable and reliable.

Service Category: Financial Advisor
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

Irene Li

Holistic Therapist
Dubai, UAE

a�?Thank you for your continued great service. I am extremely happy that you were not only quick and efficient in providing me with advice and cost-effective solutions for my personal financial affairs, but were able to assist my company too. I would unhesitatingly recommend your service to anyone looking for such advice and solutionsa�?

Guy Whitcroft
Chief Operating Officer
Aptec Holdings Ltd
Dubai, UAE

a�?Grega��s knowledge and expertise in financial matters has been a great help to me, so much so that I would have no hesitation in encouraging other ex-patriates to benefit in a similar way to myself by utilising his extensive servicesa�?

Terry Willis
Managing Director
Energy Industries Council (UK) Middle East
Dubai Airport Free Zone, UAEA�

a�?Greg is able to provide unbiased advice and can draw on a wide variety of products to satisfy the needs of our clients.a�?

Raju Menon
Managing Partner
Morison Menon Chartered Accountants
Dubai UAEA�

“This is my personal recommendation for Greg Pogonowski.A� I have been using Greg for over 2 years now and I always find him extremely knowledgeable, his advice is always correct and he offers a fully transparent service and will always go the extra mile.A� Greg will also go above and beyond the standard financial advisors charter and is available virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Anthony Kiamtia
Head of ICT
Gulf Connexions

“I have found Greg to be a tremendously professional Financial Adviser who has guided me through the complex financial arrangements of an expatriate.A� Greg is always looking to appraise me of the market options and letting me know of the best ways to optimise my savings off-shore. I feel like with Greg I am in safe hands.”

Suhail Mirza
Senior Associate
Pinsent Masons LLP

“I have known Greg for nearly 2 years now on both a personal and professional level.A� As to the provision of financial planning services, I found Greg’sA�adviceA�to be quite sensible, practicalA�and targeted to our needs.A� This included both the establishment of wills for me and my wife and putting in place life insurance policies.A� Greg sat down with the both of us and carefully explained the benefits, risks and costs associated with each service.A� Greg addressed our concerns and provided in depth responses to our queries before moving forward.A�A�Finally, Greg outlined recommendations that allowed us to save money and ensure our personal matters would be properly taken care of in the future; particularly when choosing the legal framework for completing our wills and outlining executors of the estate. I would recommend that you strongly consider seeking professional financial planning advice from Greg Pogonowski.”

Allen R. Wazny, CA
CFO, Tiway Oil AS

“Greg is knowledgeable and more importantly most professional in his approach to Financial Services, providing sound expert advice benefitting from a proven track record for over 25 years. He is accessible, contactable and personable, which are especially valuable traits in these volatile economic times when you really need A�to make contact with a qualified Adviser not just their assistant!, I can personally recommend him to give the confidential service and assurance needed in these times.

Jacqui Taylor
Client Services and Training

Having consulted with Greg on numerous financial issues, I have found him to be not only highly knowledgeable, but also very committed and professional, as well as being focused on my financial planning needs.”

Toby Young
Daman Quattro Ltd
Oil TradersA�

“Not being an economy and finance savvy person, your expertise and assistance in the choice of funds was critical. A�I had a great experience dealing with you and would recommend you to others looking to invest/save for the future.”

Livia Anzaldo
Lifestyle Coach a�� Yoga Alliance Instructor

“I have known Greg for 5 years or so in the capacity of Financial Adviser and personal friend. Greg has been a knowledgeable source of information and advice on personal financial matters. He has provided an exemplary service, often at no personal gain to himself, and manages the various accounts I have set up through him with professionalism and genuine interest. Greg has resolved several problematic issues regarding bank communications for me and continues to monitor my interests and update me on important income, taxation and finance matters, both in the UAE and UK, pertaining to expats. I would highly recommend Greg as a Financial Adviser to both friends and family.”

Pete Cottingham
Lead Urban Designer
Strategy, Planning & Urban Development
KEO International Consultants

a�?Not only did Greg find A?20,000 I didn’t even know I had, his recommended investments showed a growth of over 17% in the first 4 months. Superb personal service and a first class investment adviser. Great Results from an expert who is creative.a�?

Trevor Wright
Commercial Manager
Balfour BeattyA�

a�?I would highly recommend entrusting your financial matters with Greg. He has a mission to help you create a savings plan that is sustainable.A� He is an expert who prides being on time and shows high integritya�?

Mita Srinivasan
The Market Buzz

“I would like to thank you for your advice, guidance and professional assistance in arranging my investment portfolio. Over the time we have been working together you have demonstrated a detailed knowledge of the financial markets which I have come to rely on. I have had several Financial Advisers in the past, who seem to a�?come and goa�� so ita��s very reassuring I have found someone who gives good customer service and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

Martyn Addison
Product Manager
Saint-Gobain Pam UK
Abu Dhabi

“Greg has been professional with a personal touch from the start. I feel secure in my future and look forward to seeing my retirement fund expand as opposed to staring at an accumulation of used shoes and handbags but with no money. Thank you Greg.”

Lesley Tao
Legal Assistant
Clifford Chance LLP