Woman loses A?50m UK divorce case over a�?sham offshore trusta��

A woman in the UK has lost a A?50m divorce court battle after failing to prove her millionaire husbanda��s offshore trust was a sham. The woman, a former teacher, denied claims made by her husband that the couple had set up the trust for the benefit of their two children, according to reports in theA�UK’s Evening Standard. A High Court judge has now ruled against her, concluding that the trust was “not a sham”.

The judge said the dispute about the legitimacy of the trust was one of a number of preliminary issues she had ruled on during the pair’s divorce battle. The judge added the woman would have been able to make a claim for half of the couplea��s A?60m fortune, but was now looking at a half share of A?10m. Details of the case emerged in a ruling produced by Justice Robert, who urged the couple to negotiate after racking up lawyera��s bills of more than A?2.2m. She said both were in their 50s and had built up a property investment portfolio after marrying in the early 1980s.

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