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on the cost of Education?

Helping you plan for your childa��s future: The perfect gift

From their first day at school through to graduation and beyond, the most valuable gift you can give your child is a quality education. An artist or an astronaut? Whatever your child wants to become, you have the power to turn their dreams into a reality.

An investment in your childa��s education can help realise your childa��s full potential, providing a legacy for their personal development and growth. Planning for that future is now considered a necessity, not an alternative.

TIP 1 Understand the costs

Whether you are planning to start a family or you are already a parent, ita��s important to have a holistic view of the costs associated with a quality education. Realistically, tuition fees are likely to rise as your child progresses through school, and by the time your child reaches university, the fees are significantly higher. The tables below highlight what these school and university tuition fees are today, for one childa��s education:


Take a closer look

When it comes to university there are other expenses to be taken into consideration, such as rent, day-to-day living expenses and extra-curricular activity costs. Adding up the costs may seem overwhelming at first, but the good news is that with careful planning and a disciplined long-term saving approach,you can achieve your education goals for your child. To calculate how much you need to save for your childa��s future education log on to contact Greg Pogonowski at: greg@yourmoney-matters.com for a free no obligation guide*


*Greg will need to know: Which country you will send your children to be educated? The number of years until your child starts University? The annual cost? The assumed inflation rate (for costs), as a percentage? The number of years your child will be at University

TIP 2 Start saving today

The sooner you start saving, the better, no matter how small the installments. By planning early, you dona��t have to compromise on other financial goals, or the quality of your childa��s education.



TIP 3 Put the right plan in place

With so many options surrounding your childa��s education, making the right choices can seem daunting. With a disciplined long-term approach to savings, you could fund the best education for your child without worrying about the cost, and this is where Greg can help.

We also know that anything can happen and that circumstances can change, but whatever life throws your way, his choice of adaptable savings solutions aim to keep you focused and on track to achieve a quality education for your child.

Grega��s choice of flexible savings solutions allow you to enjoy a range of benefits such as:

Frequency and duration
a�? save regularly in a way that suits you, and add additional investments or lump sums to reach your savings goal sooner.

Access to your savings
a�? make regular or partial withdrawals when you need to access your
savings to pay the tuition fees or related expenses.

Choice of currency and funds
a�? choose your plan currency from a variety of currency options
a�? choose from a wide collection of funds to suit your risk profile
a�? free switching between funds gives you the freedom to change your
investment strategy.

Rewarding you as you save
As your money grows you can be rewarded for your commitment to saving with a loyalty bonus on some of Grega��s plans. We also reward you when you increase the premiums of your savings plan. This is our way of helping you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Next steps
Before choosing a savings plan, ita��s important to secure the right advice for your own situation. Speak to Greg – your qualified Independent Financial Adviser and Expert in Education funding – about the right advice for you.

Why Greg?

When you choose Greg, you choose an experienced Planner with proven expertise and financial strength. Having started in 1984, Greg is one of the
worlda��s most experienced Advisers, protecting and helping Clients in many countries.

Ita��s also good to know Greg is just as strong in the Middle East. For over 10 years, hea��s been committed to helping his Clients secure financial and protection solutions throughout the region. Thata��s why hea��s won many industry awards. Furthermore, you can feel confident that Greg will be able to meet his commitments to you.

To find out more about how Greg and his range of financial solutions and how they can help you save for your childa��s education, speak to him on 050 8769035
or log on to his website: www.yourmoney-matters.net