Why Am I Different

Professional Financial Advisers choose this as a career not just a job, and you can measure this by the fact that they are qualified by examination.

However, some like me go further and treat their work as a vocation, a calling if you like.

When I went for my first interview with an Insurance Company at the start of 1984, it took eight hours! – I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life, there and then.

Professional Financial Advisers join an organisation known as MDRT. The Million Dollar Round Table was founded in 1927 and to qualify you had to help Clients arrange at least $1 million cover in that year.
Such cover is common place just for one Client in this day and age, so the qualification level is much higher, AND each Adviser has to qualify each year. This is based not only on production, but also ethics, charity work and giving back to the profession amongst other things; so that only the top 5% of Advisers qualify in each country each year. If an Adviser attains three times the qualification level needed, then they are in the Court of the Table and in the top 1% in the world; and if they do six times what is needed in a year they are in Top of the Table and in the top 0.25% in the world.

I first became aware of MDRT in 1992 and qualified for membership in 1993. In 1994 I qualified for COT and in 2006 (and every year onward) have qualified for TOT. I am only one Adviser in 12 that is in this elite group in the UAE. That alone is not the only reason why I am different from your “average Adviser”, as you could go to one of the other 11(!), but I am also on the “Constitution & Bylaws” Committee for MDRT, formulating ethical standards for all Advisers in the world going forward, to say nothing of the fact that I am also on the “Membership Communications” committee for Dubai, and have been for the UK in the past.

So what you get with me is not only an experienced Adviser, but also one that is qualified to advanced UK standards, who can access the whole market and not just the products of one company, is not trying to make profits for his employer (for example, a bank) but actually in your best interests, is involved in industry matters (including writing for various magazines and newspapers), and wants to help you with your long term financial planning goals – not too many other Advisers can offer such a package…………

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